To have access to an EMS fellow membership, you must hold a UK  recognised medical, dental or veterinary  qualification, or a higher scientific  qualification in a healthcare related field recognised by GMC, GDC or RCVS. Fellow membership aims to help you  flourish in your career from when you  begin your budding career to when you  become a consultant. 

Eligibility for associate membership  requires you to work within the health  sector, science or hold interest in  healthcare issues and not qualify for a  fellow membership. Associate  membership allows you to progress professionally through providing  educational support and resources, and  networking opportunities. 

The EMS runs various meetings each  year. These events are not only for

doctors but also healthcare professionals,  researchers and scientists and many  more. Attending our events gives you the  opportunity to network with colleagues  and speakers from your own and related  specialties, and also across the whole  healthcare team. 

Wide range of benefits are available to  associate members. You’ll enjoy  privileged discounts on all our meetings,  courses and conferences. Additionally,  you’ll enjoy benefits from the EMS  selected partners. These benefits range  from lifestyle, travel to career benefits. 

The EMS also welcomes student  members of medicine, dentistry and  veterinary science as members plus other  healthcare students. To qualify for the  undergraduate medical membership, you  must study medicine, dentistry, or  veterinary science at a UK educational  institution.

Undergraduate non-medical membership  is applicable to you if you are currently  studying full-time for your undergraduate  qualification that does not lead to  qualification as a doctor, dentist or vet. It  is required that you are studying a  healthcare-related subject and not earning  any income. 

Terms & conditions of AMA  

membership: Applicants and members  are required to disclose any violations of  the Principles of Medical Ethics or  unprofessional conduct.