Competencies and key skills                                                        


I established different types of clinics in the Vakif Gureba Teaching Hospital and raised the patient capacity. I have also set up a private clinic (Mediwell Clini London), currently giving service 7 days a week.

Clinical expertise

I gained extensive clinical experience and expertise in both public and private hospitals in Istanbul.

Research and auditing

A vital part of my political and medical life has been to ensure that all plans are fully researched. Research helps me to keep up-to-date with new surgical developments. Systematic review is essential part of my medical life to improve patient care and outcomes.

Team work

Working with people from many different backgrounds is an integral part of my professional and personal life, mostly in a leadership role.

Communication skills

I am well used to communicating effectively with people from a wide range of backgrounds, and certainly understand the importance of communicating and working well with others as a team.


I work well under pressure, not just in the hospital theatre but I am experienced in doing so in disaster areas.


Registered Manager and Medical Director of Mediwell                          November 2018 – January 2021

Clinic London

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon                                      October 2015 – Ongoing

Speciality Doctor / General Surgery / Colorectal

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon                       December 2014 – September 2015

LAS SpR, General Surgery / Colorectal

University of Witwatersrand / Chris Hani Baragwanath Trauma Unit Johannesburg / South Africa

Clinical Attachment                                                                                      October – November 2014

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon                            August 2014 – November 2014

LAS FY2, General Surgery / Colorectal

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon                              February 2014 – August 2014

LAS FY2, General Surgery / Vascular

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon                                March 2013 – February 2014

LAS FY2, General Surgery / Colorectal

Played an active role in the daily ward rounds. Assisted the junior doctors prepare and carry out the ward jobs. Talked to, examined and contributed to the management of patients. Did and assisted many different operations, including emergency ones, under the observation of consultant surgeons. Attended Rectal Bleeding and Endoscopy Clinic, performed colonoscopy, gastroscopy and flexi sigmoidoscopy under the observation of consultant surgeons. Actively assisted outpatient clinics where I spoke to and examined patients on my own, followed by a discussion of management with the consultant. Took part in the multidisciplinary meetings for colorectal patients each week. Assisted in the teaching of final year medical students

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon                              December 2012 – March 2013

Honorary Surgical Fellow, General Surgery

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon                       September 2012 / November 2012

Clinical Observer (2 months clinical attachment to the Colorectal Surgery firm)

London 2012 Summer Olympics                                                                              July – August 2012

Volunteer Travel Ambassador

The Building Bridges Refugee Healthcare Professionals Programme                    January – June 2012

The Refugee Council & NHS London

Redstar Aviation, Istanbul-Turkey                                                                      July 2007 – June 2008

Consultant Surgeon

Using by position as a consultant surgeon I evaluated patients who were being transferred, whilst also advising upon important aspects of health and safety which improved the standards of air medical transportation of patients. Being able to draw upon models set in the USA and EU, I could effectively

introduce improvement strategies which could be put in place to improve the transport of critically unwell patients. This enabled me to widen my international experience.

The Turkish Grand National Assembly, Ankara-Turkey                               November 2002 – July 2007

Member of Parliament

Member of the Health, Family, Work and Social Services Commission. Full responsibility for the preparation of legislation on health, family, workplace and social security services. Spearheaded legislation for the prohibition of smoking in public buildings, a regulation which has been widely effective


Nominated by the Head of Parliament for the Nobel Peace Prize for my work with the Red Crescent Group, which focused on humanitarian aid in many disaster and war zones across the globe

Awarded ‘MP of the Year’ for the exposure of and fight against corruption in Turkish politics

Vakıf Gureba Teaching Hospital, Istanbul-Turkey                                               June 1996 – May 1999

Deputy Head Surgeon

Providing strategic medical advice to promote delivery of high clinical standards as Hospital Director. I was responsible for building, motivating, and developing teams of clinicians to drive forward service transformation across areas such as patient experience, clinical effectiveness, and strategies and systems Daily surgical duties

Vakıf Gureba Teaching Hospital, Istanbul-Turkey                                   December 1995 – August 2002

Operating Surgeon-Consultant

Comprehensive range of general surgical duties, including surgical emergencies Training and management of junior surgeons

Medical Park Fatih Hospital, Istanbul-Turkey                                          December 1995 – August 2002

Special Surgeon-Consultant

From 4.00 pm for many hours, most days a week

Performed comprehensive range of general surgical operations on private patients

Vakıf Gureba Teaching Hospital, Istanbul-Turkey                             September 1991 – December 1995

Assistant Specialist General Surgeon

Trainee general surgeon performing operations under supervision Preparation of patients for operations

All paperwork relating to patients

Weekly presentation to head surgeons of actions undertaken and discussion of procedures

Handling of incoming patients into the accident and emergency department and deciding the best course of strategy

State Hospital, Bandırma-Turkey                                                        February 1991 – September 1991

Emergency Service Doctor

Emergency admissions doctor for all general emergencies

Erzurum Province Health Administration, Erzurum-Turkey                          July 1990 – February 1991

Deputy Director

Management and coordination of health policy and service delivery in the province of Erzurum Disaster and emergency management

Buying new equipment/ overseeing clinical performance/ organising province-wide public health education


Rewarded and commended by the Province Governorship Office for the reduction of infectious diseases and improving public health education and services

Filiz Dolunay Medical Clinic, Erzurum-Turkey                                           September 1989 – July 1990

General practitioner (GP)

Daily GP duties for more than 60 patients per day

Running immunisation programme, establishing educational pre-natal and post-natal programmes


Promoted within six months for clinical care and leadership delivery

Medical Training and Qualifications           

Surgical Site Surveillance Training Day                                                                        December 2015

Public Health England London

Never Events & Breaking Bad News                                                                                 October 2015

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital

Train the Trainer Workshop                                                                                               August 2015

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital

TEP Hernia Workshop                                                                                                          June 2015

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital

Speciality Skills in Vascular Surgery                                                                                    June 2014

The Royal College of Surgeons

Definitive Surgical Trauma Skills Course                                                                              April 2014

The Royal College of Surgeons

PDP and Progression to Threshold II                                                                                 March 2014

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital

Speciality Skills in Emergency Surgery and Trauma                                                          March 2014

The Royal College of Surgeons

Speciality Skills in Breast – Skills Day Course                                                                 January 2014

The Royal College of Surgeons

Gastrointestinal Anastomosis Workshop                                                                         October 2013

The ICENI Centre Colchester University Hospital

Surgical Training in the Austere Environment                                                                   August 2013

The Royal College of Surgeons

Basic Skills in Upper GI Endoscopy Course                                                                          July 2013

Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Endoscopy Training Centre

Basildon and Thurrock Educational and Clinical Supervisor Course                                      July 2013

Inaugural BTUH SAS Doctors Professional Development Course                                          June 2013

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital

Surgical Site Surveillance Training                                                                                       June 2013

Public Health England

Clinical & Educational Supervisor Training Course                                                               May 2013

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon

UK International Emergency Trauma Register

Pre-Deployment Training Course                                                                                           May 2013


Basic Life Support Course                                                                                                    April 2013

Osmosis Training

Clinical Governance, Business Planning & Finance Course                                                March 2013

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon

Job Planning and Negotiaton Skills Course                                                                   February 2013

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon

Basic Skills in Colonoscopy Course                                                                               February 2013

St Georges National Endoscopy Training Centre

Teaching, Presentation and Facilitation Skills Course                                                    February 2013

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon

Leadership and Trauma Team Course Basildon University Hospital                                 January 2013

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon

Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialisation Training Course                                             October 2012

ATLS Course Basildon University Hospital                                                                            September 2012

PLAB 2  Passed                                                                                                                             October 2012

PLAB 1  Passed                                                                                                                March 2012

IELTS     Overall Score 7.5 / 9                                                                                       September 2011

UK Ethics Training Course BMA                                                                                       January 2011

Video – Laparoscopic Surgery Training Course                                                                    April 1992

Istanbul Medical Faculty General Surgery Department

Advanced Laparo – Endoscopic Surgery Course                                                                   July 1993

Yale University School of Medicine

University of Istanbul – Faculty of Medicine University of Istanbul September 1983 – July 1989 79.26/100 Good / Medical Doctor


SITE (Surgical in Training Evaluation) BTUH                                                (Twice) in Nov & Dec 2015 Assitance

Intermediate Laparoscopic Skills Workshop  BTUH                                                             April 2013 Assistance

Basic Surgical Skills Course BTUH                                                                                       June 2013


SITE (Surgical in Training Evaluation) BTUH                                                   (5 times) in 2012 & 2013 Assitance

SITE (Surgical in Training Evaluation) BTUH                                            November & December 2014 Assitance

Case Presentation on Baragwanath Trauma Hospital (Johannesburg, South Africa) –          One Month

Trauma Exposure  BTUH                                                                                               February 2015


Radiological (Pre-op) vs surgical (Post-op) staging of rectal cancer                                 January 2014 Surgical Site Infection in Colorectal Operations (National Audit)                                                         April 2014 Surgical Site Infection in Breast Operations (National Audit)                                                          October 2014 Surgical Site Infection in Vascular Operations (National Audit)                                                              Ongoing Post Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Bile Leak in BTUH 2011 and 2012                                    January 2015


My work as a surgeon really fills and satisfies all my time and thinking, so these following points belong more to a secondary position. But I do pursue interests in rhetoric, debating, philosophy, psychology, political science, geography, walking, and being intensely involved in just about everything to do with our species, travel across the globe.