The EMS Council is the governing body of the EMS. It is responsible for ensuring that the EMS has a clear strategic plan and ensures the Executive Team are held accountable. The Council consists of 10 elected members and up to three appointed members who are known as the Trustees. Collectively they are responsible for the financial, legal and business operations of the EMS.

Some of their responsibilities include: approving the annual budget administrative management of the Society, approving activities and continuance of all EMS committees The Council meets throughout the year and is governed by the Charter and Bylaws. The Dean and Chairman of the Audit Committee also attend Council. The EMS Council meets throughout the year. Only EMS members and fellows can access the Minutes of EMS Council meetings. A team consisting of Directors and their staff support the work of the Council. The President’s term of office is…, and Trustees serve…term, although this can be extended in extreme circumstances