Harley Street Medical consultants

HSMC consultants are senior expert specialist consultants from NHS teaching hospitals. The group of 55 consultants with senior primary care physicians has joined in the venture to deliver the highest quality of private medical care at Queen Anne Street Medical Centre. The provider of specialist care will encompass cutting-edge technology, recent medical advancement, and the highest clinical and quality of care which is patient-centered. The gold standard of world-class treatment will be offered to all patients called our family.

HSMC has all specialty physicians and surgeons, primary care physicians, occupational specialists, and research experts. HSMC is committed to innovative innovation, quality, and preventive medical care. The standard offered at the point of delivery from post-care is unparalleled. Care is personalized and individually tailored to the needs of the patients. This was established in 2016 as a vision of co-clinicians in Essex.

 Organisation was an idea born after the meeting of Professor Tham Nimal-Raj and Dr. Brian Leaker, along with Mrs. Lorraine West on the 16th of March 2016. The catalyst for the meeting was Dr. Sunil Chopra and Mr. Kaushik Biswas. . There were Professor G S Anil Kumar, Professor Kare Tang, Dr. S Sampathkumar, and Mr. Ranjith Ravindran.

It was a hard work of 1 year to establish the idea into motion and movement. Dr Brian Leaker and Professor Tham Nimal-Raj understanding the next level is the key for the formation and projection of vision. Mr Kaushik Biswas has always involved in the development at each step along with Mrs Lorraine West. At a later stage, Dr Chandra Cheruvu joined in the vision as part of the great elites.


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